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“By design, a blockchain is resistant to modification of the data.
It is “an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way”

Iansiti M.; Lakhani K.R. 

Where to leverage the blockchain?


Blockchain technology is a true revolution that is not exclusive to the world of cryptocurrency, however. The functionality and features of this technology can be used in many other areas of daily life such as finance, insurance, agricolture, transport, healtcare etc…



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Proof of Stake

Receive rewards while you sleep!

Convert energy in Crypto

Blockchain rewards the use of special hardware, if your energy's cost is low...

Tokenize of Assets

Where the real innovation of the new Industry REALLY IS!

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Instead of a Do-It-Yourself, that is, go exploring the so-called brand new world of the "Crypto Sphere" relying on your force alone, find instead assistance from experienced technicians updating daily in this ever-changing industry.

Resource management

Find support in DYOR to avoid many hidden traps that could lead to loss of time, wealth and resources in general... Better evaluate what are the real deals, and where instead the risk of losses is higher.


In a world under-regulated, with an industry in the very early stage of its development, the risk of suffering damages is high. However, not always the consequences are as bad as they look, there's often a workaround..

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The DLT may allow any business to obtain a mix of big savings, strong increase of efficiency, skyrocket earnings, and many further advantages. But digitalising a traditional business isn't obvious, and the right advise may offer big savings.

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If you think you can’t afford support from a team working in Blockchain since 2015, imagine how it will cost having the work done from last-minute!


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Find help in many application you even can't imagine are possible

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Currently researching also how to add AI empowerment and Smarter logic to the existing platform, with the help of:

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